What's in an Image?

 media magnate alt tag description

By Alissa Gruby

Each week on The Web Company Show, we’re talking about business tips and strategies you can use to help grow your business online.  On Friday’s show we talked about the importance of ALT image tags.  Here’s an overview of what it is and how you can add them to your website to help improve your website rankings:

An alt image tag refers to the phrase “alternate text for an image”.  Since search engines cannot ‘see’ images as they spider and index websites, an alt image tag allows you to add text to describe your image.  This text tells the search engines what your image represents and because you can describe it with critical key words and phrases it’s can give you an added boost to your organic search engine results.

To add an alt image tag, simply use your content editor to upload your image and place descriptive keywords in the alt image text selection box.

For more information on alt image tags and other helpful tips, click here to listen to our full podcast.

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