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    Often Asked To Us

    How does the quote process work?
    It’s very simple. We take what you provide us, and give you the best project estimate based on that information. It’s always best if you provide every possible piece of detail on your project so the estimate is as realistic as possible.
    Is there a minimum project size?
    Technically, no. Understand there is a minimum setup of a project that takes time to put together. Generally there is a minimum project cost of $1000 because of this. We work on projects from $1500 up to $100,000 and can deliver better than you can imagine.
    How do you know what we want?
    We have a new project questionnaire that you are asked to fill out. It gives us a very clear idea of your wants and needs from many angles. It also helps you understand what you want as well! Once received, we go to work and provide you with something to look at. Most clients love the initial iteration we provide and have us continue with it. Sometimes we need to look deeper and provide a second iteration, but rarely have to go beyond that.
    Why are you less expensive?
    We simply don’t charge as much as a larger agency. This is because we have very little overhead and employee costs that you end up paying for. We also get more work done for the billable hour. Many agencies pass electronic project tickets around departments for your project, each tacking minimum of 15 minutes time. You end up with multiple hours billed for no work done. That doesn’t happen here.
    How fast is your turnaround time?
    We generally have a 4-6 week development window, but it depends on the size of the project and the ability for the client to provide us with requested content quickly. A recent redesign project only took us 24 hours to launch from contract sign to launch. This was due to us having all the content provided with no questions unanswered. When we’re provided with great content from you, the delivery time and development time is drastically reduced.

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