5 Reasons to Hire Professional Web Designers in Minneapolis, MN

Getting a website designed for your business can be daunting, to say the least.  Between the deluge of information bombarding you on the internet to the alluring ads for do-it-yourself web templates, the whole process is something many business owners would rather forgo altogether but understand it’s a critical piece to marketing their product or service.

What most people underestimate is the benefit of hiring professional web designers in Minneapolis, MN to help them get a professional, responsive web design paired with digital marketing solutions to grow their business.  A great website doesn’t COST you anything, it pays.  The initial investment you make should pay you back in dividends over time.  Trying to go on the cheap and doing it yourself or having a friend or relative create your website simply isn’t cost effective in the long run.  Take a look at the five reasons you should use professional web designers instead of tackling the job yourself.

1.  Time savings: Just how much is your time worth?  We all know time is money.  How many hours will you spend researching, attempting to build and understand how to create a website?

2.  Techniques for digital marketing: Now, add to the above understanding search engine optimization for coding and content, SEO-friendly design, responsive design, proper alt tags (what, you have to name an image and it matters?!), and writing persuasive content that converts visitors to paying customers.

3.  Standing out from the competition: Your service or product has to differ from all the rest.  If you’re using a standard template that thousands of other businesses are using, you’re going to get lost in the shuffle.  A professional designer is able to create custom graphics that make you stand out in a crowd of ‘sameness’.

4.  Proper coding: HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, these are all coding languages that impact your website functionality and display.  As well, responsive design is critical in our mobile age – it detects the mobile device being used and formats the website to layout for the best navigation on that device.

5.  Support from A-Z: It’s important to know and understand how your email, hosting and website all work together.  If you get sweaty palms hearing phrases like DNS records, name servers, SQL server, Sequel databases, Linux hosting and Exchange servers, your next call needs to be a professional web designer who will help you navigate those waters and make sure each is set up and / or transferred properly so there is zero down time when your website is ready to launch and your emails remain in tact during the switch.

We encourage you to get in touch with use.  As professional web designers in Minneapolis, MN, we take web design seriously and make it our job to make YOU look good!  Contact us today for a free website consultation at 763-333-2620.

Alissa Cedergren is the owner of Media Magnate Web Design, a Minneapolis based web design and digital marketing firm.